Lunar electrification

On the 47th anniversary of Apollo 11’s first manned mission to the moon, the August 1958 issue of REO News printed a cartoon which speaks to the success of the Rural Electrification Scheme.

REO News, August 1958

REO News, August 1958

REO Gallery

REO News contains a variety of different articles, stories, anecdotes and cartoons relating to rural electrification. Check out a selection of these in the galleries below.

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Progress reports, league tables and credit to individual staff:

Rural electrification and the death of ‘old Ireland’, and the recurring comic strip, ‘Johnny Hotfoot’, the cartoon personification of rural electrification:

REO News also reflects the wider role of rural electrification in the community:

Life imitating art

On the left is a cartoon by Ronnie Persse printed in the December 1958 issue of REO news, reflecting on the power of advertising. The original advertisement is seen here on the right. To see more ESB adverts, click here.