ESB Books: Portarlington Generating Station 1946-1988

Book cover_PortarlingtonJon McCowen and Pat Culleton, Portarlington Generating Station 1946-1988: A Pictorial History (ESB, 2005).

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This book provides a comprehensive history of Portarlington Station, from its construction in the late 1940s to its demolition in 2007.

Written by two ex-staff members, John McCowen and Pat Culleton, the book is intended as a memento for the many people who contributed to the story of the station, and a tribute to their great work in making that story such a successful one. It consists mainly of photographs of people who worked at various stages on the construction of the Station and during its subsequent operation from the official opening on 17 April 1950, to the official closing on 31 March 1988. It also contains a number of photographs from the construction of the Station and from the eventual demolition of the tower and the rest of the buildings. It also includes more technical details about the station and its constituent parts, as well as some broader context regarding the significance of the station in Ireland at the time of its operation.