The biggest change for ESB since its foundation occurred in February 2000 when the first phase of the opening of the electricity supply market to competition took place. A total restructuring of the company to prepare for the new industry structure was initiated. The content of our advertising had to reflect the regulatory climate.

In keeping with global trends and environmental protection protocols, active promotion of products that result in high electricity usage was curtailed. Product advertising was more focussed on energy efficiency.

Our contract with CDP Associates ended and, in 2002, for the first time, ESB engaged separate Creative and Media agencies – McConnells  and Universal McCann. Early work from McConnells for ESB Customer Supply included business markets, sponsorships, an innovative schools project and Energy Awareness Week.

ESB Networks commissioned new TV and Print advertising for network safety with the theme focussing on electricity as a great “force of nature” . ESB Independent Energy Ltd advertised in the open competitive markets