1970s ESB fridge makes Abbey debut

Deirdre Kinahan’s new play The Unmanageable Sisters at the Abbey Theatre transports us back to Ballymun in 1974, when Ger Lawless, winner of a million Green Shield stamps has a tough decision ahead – how best to spend her winnings.

Eimer Murphy, from the prop department at the Abbey, got in touch to double check that the vintage ESB fridge used on set dated from the year. This ESB ‘550’ compact family refrigerator was made in Ireland by PRESS-O-MATIC Ltd in Artane, and was sold at ESB retail shops from 1973.

The Unmanageable Sisters runs at the Abbey Theatre until 7 April. Set design by Colin Richmond. For more information and to book tickets, please click here. Featured image above © Abbey Theatre 2018, courtesy of abbeytheatre.ie.

‘You can’t afford NOT to buy the ESB family fridge’

We’ve found a number of colourful 1970s print advertisements for new members of ESB’s ‘fridge family’: